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Product Scoring is very active, we thought you might like a wee, small refresher course
in the guidelines for the trophy competition.

  1. The trophies will only be awarded to bakeries who are members of the Co-op -- however, we will continue to score product for anyone (non-members subject to Co-op discretion).
  2. All trophy breads MUST have current official tags BAKED onto the outer crust, not just placed in the wrapper with the bread. Buns do not need a tag. Up to three samples per month will be accepted for trophy competition of each bread or buns.
  3. Bread and buns may be sliced or unsliced (but sliced will give you a better picture of what your consumer sees). Breads may be Pullman or Round Top.
  4. All members buns submitted are entered into the competition. No tags are required. (The exception to this is when you submit product for contract scoring , third party… eg TOPCO scoring. These contract products are not entered for competition.)
  5. Submitted buns should be your best selling variety, but we'll score anything. (Such as Kaiser Rolls, Hoagie Buns, McDonald Hamburger Buns.)
  6. Annual trophy scores are based on an accumulation of the best 11 out of the 12 months. (Everyone knows that even the best production manager is entitled to a vacation). Samples are required to be received in the month they are tagged. The computer doesn't understand being a day or two late!
  7. Although the trophies are awarded for only Bread and Buns, any bakery food can be scored. Examples are: Pies, Cakes, Snack Cakes, Cookies, English Muffins, Bagels, Brown'n Serve, Hearth Breads & Rolls, Donuts, Tortillas, etc.
  8. Your code number is subject to change at any time at our discretion.
  9. Tags should be cut to 1-1¼ inches wide, by the 8½ inches in length. Place the tag in the end of the pan sticking up to about normal proof height. Place dough in pan to secure the tag, proof and bake. Using this method, the tag interferes less with the break and shred, compared to putting on top of the proofed loaf.

There are many valuable reasons for Product Scoring. It can be used in-plant to motivate employees. Score results can be a great selling tool. Scoring by unbiased trained personnel (that's us!… The Long Company), can be a real eye-opener for Management. And, if you can look beyond the number (penalty) and read the reason for the penalty, you can help your Production, Engineering, and Sanitation staffs tighten up your plants to attain better safety and better quality.


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