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This program has been suspended. If you have any question, please contact Dan Inman at

Scoring is a great way to monitor the quality of the bakery products that you make. Please see the below guidelines for samples that will be considered for the quarterly and annual award competition:

  1. The quarterly trophies will be awarded to bakeries who send in bread and bun samples for three consecutive months. The three Quarterly Trophies are: Bread, Buns (Retail), Buns (Wholesale).
  2. Annual Quality Awards will be determined by the average of the highest monthly product scores and sample submission for 11 out of the 12 calendar months. The four Annual Quality Awards are: Bread, Buns (Retail), Buns (Wholesale) and Holsum Branded Bakery Products.
  3. All bread and bun samples must be sliced, packaged and date coded (as if the products’ were headed to market). Up to three samples (for each product type of bread, retail buns or wholesale buns) per month will be accepted for trophy competition.
  4. White and Wheat Breads may be Round Top or Pullman (Sandwich bread). There is a an additional bread category for compact loaves (Multigrain, Sourdough, Raisin Bread,…).
  5. All bun samples submitted are entered into the competition. There are two award categories for buns, retail buns and wholesale buns.
  6. Submitted buns should be your bestselling variety, but we'll score anything. (Such as Kaiser Rolls, Hoagie Buns, Wholesale Buns.)
  7. Although the trophies are awarded for only Bread and Buns, any bakery food can be scored. Examples are: Pies, Cakes, Snack Cakes, Cookies, English Muffins, Bagels, Brown n Serve, Hearth Breads & Rolls, Donuts, Tortillas, etc.

There are many valuable reasons for Product Scoring. It can be used in-plant to motivate employees. Score results can be a great selling tool. Scoring by unbiased trained personnel (that's us!… The Long Company), can be a real eye-opener for Management. And, if you can look beyond the number (penalty) and read the reason for the penalty, you can help your Production, Engineering, and Sanitation staffs tighten up your plants to attain better quality and consistency.

Dan Inman
Director of Quality, Research and Development

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