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Technical Services

We know that the Long Company Lab has one of the finest reputations in the industry. We are dedicated to serving you and your company. We will conduct for you the following services: 
  • Ingredient Labeling
  • Package Evaluation
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Technical Concerns
  • Quality Control Inventory
  • Consumer Inquiries
  • Product Research and Development Assistance

Following is a brief description of the above services. 

Ingredient Labeling

Based on a baker’s individual formula, we compose legal ingredient legends, available in English, French and Spanish. Our ingredient composition files cover over 5000 ingredients. This data is held in the strictest of confidence. The ingredient data furnished to you is in the proper format, ready to be given to your packaging supplier in order to develop an Ingredient Legend composite. 

Package Evaluation

Full compliance evaluations are made on your finished packaging. These can also be done on your packaging composites in order to avoid costly errors prior to printing. A review of state, local and federal regulations is part of this evaluation following guidelines established by the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA). 

Regulatory Affairs

We will continue to keep everyone aware of changes in federal, state and/or local regulations. We will answer your labeling questions as they apply to your unique concerns. This includes not only Packaging, but also Advertising, Plant inspections and Recalls. 

Technical Concerns

We are your first line of defense for technical issues that may occur in your facility. We take great pride in doing whatever it takes to provide you with answers. Any question that you have, call us first! 

Quality Control Inventory

We will continue to maintain our extensive inventory of Quality Control Equipment which includes hygrometers, thermometers, pH meters, etc… Due to our bulk purchasing of these items, we are able to pass savings on to you through discounted prices on frequently used equipment. Call us if you would like a listing of available equipment. 

Consumer Inquiries

We will continue to perform vital functions in answering consumer inquiries or complaints. We will continue to assist you by responding to any inquiries concerning health claims, specific ingredients, nutritional value and government regulations. CII test results will be kept on file and serve as a valuable record. They can be used to pinpoint problem areas with ingredients as well as to measure conformance with regulations. 

Product Research and Development Assistance

We are capable of determining idea feasibility and product modifications. We will assist you in determining alternate ingredient specifications. We can schedule an in-plant visit to assist with implementing new or improved products in conjunction with The Long Company Manufacturing Division. 

Utilize our proven expertise for all your bakery foods needs! 

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