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Purchasing Services

Our Purchasing Services effect significant savings as a result of: 
  • National account status
  • Central billing
  • Volume discounts
  • Promotional allowances
  • Broker agent

These savings effect such items as ingredients, packaging, maintenance, repair, operating items and, in some cases, production equipment. The aggregate volume of ingredients and packaging purchased by our members is very substantial. The suppliers of these materials are willing to offer deep discounts for the opportunity of serving that business, finding great economy in so called “one stop” selling. Servicing our large volumes also allows suppliers great economies of scale. 

A portion of these discounts are credited to member bakeries in the form of patronage dividends which have the effect of reducing membership fees in proportion to the amount of purchasing volume done through The Long Company. Here are some dramatic examples: 
  • A multi-plant member saved $172,000 on one commodity in one year
  • Another member has reduced its’ packaging costs by 20% by purchasing through The Long Company
  • After completing a purchasing audit, Long helped a particular bakery realize over $470,000 in savings

These and other success stories center on relationships set up between The Long Company purchasing staff and members as well as between The Long Company and various suppliers. A win-win partnership truly exists. In addition to offering purchasing assistance, The Long Company provides packaging consulting services, commodity analysis and risk management strategies. A Long Company Commodity Purchasing update is e-mailed weekly to our entire membership as well as other timely commodity information. 

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