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Marketing Services

Marketing your products demands the same degree of dedication and effort that is given to all other phases of bakery management. Effective marketing results from an analysis of the internal and external market conditions, identifying attractive market opportunities and an in-depth understanding of target audiences, and competitive forces. The Long Company’s Marketing Support Services can assist you in designing customized programs to help your bakery reach its sales goals and marketing objectives. 

Whether you're considering a new corporate brochure, a web presence, or a targeted public relations program – we can develop unique and cost-effective communications to help you reach and influence your customers. Cost savings are accomplished by cooperative efforts in combining numerous member bakeries’ participation. 

We also offer expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Marketing communications planning
  • Consumer and retailer incentives
  • Press Release creation, media list compilation and media contacts
  • P.O.P. displays and materials
  • National product partnership programs


Let us help you grow your brand!


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