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Manufacturing Services

Probably no single area has been as affected by technological advances as much as manufacturing. The Long Company Manufacturing Services has a mission: to keep abreast of these advances while assisting members and clients in establishing reasonable, realistic production costs. This is accomplished by our experienced personnel becoming proficient in the use of many approaches to manufacturing control for efficiency and product quality. 

The Long Company Manufacturing Services removes the uncertainties of production by helping bakeries to compete and prosper in today’s competitive market. 

Assistance is provided in:
  • Production audits
  • Product scheduling
  • Production costs
  • Formula review
  • New technology implementation
  • Production Training Programs
  • Supervisory Training Programs

The Long Company Manufacturing Services can assist your quality control programs for bread, rolls, cakes, donuts and sweet goods. Additional programs assist in such areas as material losses, scaling, gains or losses, damage control, pounds-per-man-hour for shop and wrapping. Often, the baker allocates much of his or her efforts, expertise and resources to production (finding a comfort level here), and thus has limited familiarity with the importance of the loading and delivery of the product. Distribution has become a far more complex subject due to dramatic technical advances in the area today. Planning for the most effective and economical solution to your bakery’s logistics functions is one of the many challenges facing a wholesale baker today. 

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