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Logistics Services

Often, the baker allocates much of his or her efforts, expertise and resources to production (finding a comfort level here), and thus has limited familiarity with the importance of the loading and delivery of the product. Distribution has become a far more complex subject due to dramatic technical advances in the area today. Planning for the most effective and economical solution to your bakery’s logistics functions is one of the many challenges facing a wholesale baker today. 

We, at Long, keep our members updated on the latest developments in management of resources, which includes getting the product to market in a profitable, safe and efficient manner.
  • Preventive maintenance, fuel management, tire programs, shop operation and mechanic productivity
  • Delivery systems, scheduling, vehicle specifications and/or modifications, driver productivity and safety and Product Flow Studies
  • Labor efficiency studies, product flow analyses, layout and space utilization and depot operations
  • Leasing programs, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations, driver training, distribution organization studies, route mileage studies and back hauling

Change is occurring frequently and rapidly in the area of distribution offering challenges, but more important - opportunities! Consider the following:
  • Electronic management of delivery systems
  • Clean air regulations
  • Increased investment in vehicles, fuel, maintenance, taxes and insurance with resulting tax implications
  • Computerized sorting, picking, loading, shipping and delivery

When requested, The Long Company can conduct Logistic Audits, which provide detailed data on all phases of the bakery’s distribution systems allowing identification of areas where improvement may be needed. 

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