The Long Co. Premier Consultants to the Baking Industry since 1900.

The Long Company. Your Partner. Your Future.

Membership in The Long Company brings to small, medium and large bakeries - at affordable cost - many advantages previously enjoyed only by the national baking concerns. Despite the past decade of contraction, you will find many original Long Company members still "in the fold", growing and prospering regardless of intense competition.

Our consultants are industry experts that have the unique advantage of observing first-hand industry wide technical developments, and have the experience to determine what is working favorably and what is not. Members also enjoy the lowest possible prices for ingredients, packaging and equipment.

We are proud to offer a full range of bakery consulting services, covering every aspect of your bakery's operation:



Our Engineering specialists remain on the cutting edge of industry news and technology. Our membership demands it, and we respond.


It is imperative that a bakery has the best sanitation programs available. Our Sanitation Specialists offer expertise in all areas of sanitation...


The Long Company Puchasing Services effect significant savings as a result of National account status, Central billing, Volume discounts, ...


We know that the Long Company Lab has one of the finest reputations in the industry. We are dedicated to serving you and your company.


The Long Company shares the belief that a bakery must accurately compute unit cost from manufacturing to sale of product to be successful.

Human Resources

The most important asset a company has is its employees! Add to the bottom-line value at your bakery by taking advantage of the many programs and services offered...


Planning for the most effective and economical solution to your bakery's logistics functions is one of the many challenges facing a wholesale baker today...

Safety Training

The Long Company offers the Blueprints for Safety Program — a comprehensive,
step-by-step safety training program assisting with OSHA compliance, ...


Our services are also available to non-members on a per diem basis. For more information on becoming a member, or retaining our services as a non-member, please Contact Us, or call us at 1.312.726.4606. We look forward to helping you build your business, in any economy.

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