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Human Resources Services

The most important asset a company has is its employees! Add to the bottom-line value at your bakery by taking advantage of the many programs and services offered by The Long Company's Human Resources Department. The basic goals that drive our strategies are good employee relations and a well-trained, available workforce that is focused on safety. This is accomplished through training and sharing ideas that are rooted in pro-active, "good faith" efforts to ensure regulatory compliance for your bakery. 

The Human Resources Department can provide many different combinations of the following services during a single visit to accomplish multiple goals. All service is developed for both sales and plant employee programs. 

Employee Opinion Surveys

Learn what your employees really feel and think about top management, work and safety conditions, supervisory effectiveness, pay and employee benefits, communication and recognition, job security and promotion, co-worker/departmental cooperation, and satisfaction and identification with your organization. You'll receive a confidential report of the results along with recommendations for improvement for any "trouble spots." 

Supervisory Development and Training

Most often, any trouble spots found in the opinion survey can be improved through specific, planned training. We offer on-site workshops in supervisory development, which brings emphasis on proper and effective conduct by a supervisor to lead bakery employees. On-site workshops can also be presented on such topics as diversity, safety awareness, employment process and interviewing, stress management and sexual harassment. 

Job Descriptions

One of the easiest ways to improve recruitment, selection orientation and training is to have accurate and up-to-date job descriptions for every position in the company. These job descriptions are structured to comply with the factors required for compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity and The American with Disabilities Acts, protecting you from nuisance lawsuits. The Long Company's Human Resource Department has a database of job descriptions for all areas of company (management, office, sales and production) operation that can easily be tailored to fit your specific facility. 

Standard Operating Procedures

The easiest way to ensure consistency in operation and prevent accidents is to have a set of SOPs for every production job. These procedures specify the step-by-step procedure to operate each piece of bakery equipment or job function including precautions to prevent accidents and protect the product from contamination and/or damage. SOPs can be used in training new employees and as a reminder for seasoned ones. 

HR Audits

Make sure your HR Department is operating effectively and legally by having our HR Department perform an audit. The audit consists of a written checklist that covers both the legally required actions and the accepted standard practices for a company to have an effective HR program. The audit has a point value, so comparisons can be provided over a period of time. Along with the results of the audit, research and professional opinions are supplied to assist the HR representative in creating a more effective and profitable department. 

Policy Manuals

Our HR representative can help prepare Policy Manuals that address the company's pre-determined position and operating procedure for dealing with events and issues involving the workforce. This document provides guidance to all management members for consistent decisions without favoritism. 

Employee Handbooks

We can help prepare Employee Handbooks that communicate the history of the company, vision statement, goals, and policy and procedures established for new employee indoctrination. Constant referral to this handbook by employees and management will insure consistent and fair treatment. 

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