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Financial Services

The Long Company shares the belief that a bakery must accurately compute unit cost from manufacturing to sale of product to be successful. Our Financial Services department has developed a comprehensive series of management programs, with the objective of cost management, operational review and financial controls. The Long Company understands that a bakery must determine unit cost accurately from manufacturing to the final sale of the product in order to be successful and has programs to help achieve this goal. Professional financial services are available in the following areas: 
  • Product cost studies (actual vs. standard)
  • An overall business review
  • Budget development
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assist and promote timely closures of financial profit and loss statements
  • Business plan development
  • Due diligence-acquisitions
  • Special project analysis (route, inventory, receivables, payables, etc.)
  • Balance sheet audits
  • Benchmark analysis of how specific detailed costs relate to the baking industry
  • Software analysis and assistance relating to route accounting, sales reporting, financial, and accounting for production
  • Fleet operating cost analysis
  • Our financial consultants have a wealth of experience and are ready to assist you!

The operational audits undertaken by Financial Services are performed by industry professionals and designed to provide the client with independent evaluation of how well their bakery is performing. The audit emphasis is on the reduction or elimination of waste or losses whether in the bake shop, the marketplace or in its office and administration routine. 

Computer software is available for production control, scheduling, cost accounting, preventative maintenance and route distribution. 

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