The Long Co. Premier Consultants to the Baking Industry since 1900.

About Us

William Edgar Long began his career by counseling wholesale bakers with their advertising and sales promotions. Typical of many entrepreneurs, these clients were very adept at producing top quality products, but often had difficulty making a good profit for their efforts.


Long's awareness of this condition led him to create what is called today The Long Company, an independent bakers cooperative dedicated to assisting its members in the management of every facet of their bakery operations and to manage profitably. We have been consultants to the food industry since 1900.


Today, our Company has a highly qualified staff of professionals who are governed by a board of directors composed of bakery owners and general management executives.



To find out more about what The Long Company can do for your bakery, contact Bill Zimmerman at 1.312.726.4606 (Option #1) or send an e-mail to:

The Long Company + 605 N Michigan Ave, 4th Floor + Chicago. IL 60611